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The NFA Owners Association is a grassroots effort and a loosely knit collective of citizens dedicated to reforming Federal law on firearms regulated under the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934. We encourage you to browse our resources.

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 Latest NFAOA News

NFAOA supports H.R. 420, proposed legislation to allow veterans and their heirs to register historic firearms obtained while the United States was at war or during foreign conflicts (click here to read H.R. 420, which is identical to recent versions which were introduced in previous Congresses but not passed). NFAOA continues to support a Congressional request for the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General (DOJ-OIG) to investigate ATF's administration of the World War II War Trophy program, as well as the 1950s era DEWAT program, and its impact on veterans and their heirs (click here to read the letter). A DOJ-OIG review of the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record (NFRTR), published in June 2007, fails to mention this request (click here to read the report). While the 2007 report confirmed that ATF personnel have created errors in the NFRTR by not following procedures, and making inconsistent decisions regarding the registration and transfer of NFA firearms, the review did not include an audit of the NFRTR. Consequently, the accuracy and completeness of the NFRTR is still unknown.

For the benefit of collectors, historians, museum curators and others, NFAOA has expanded the section on War Trophy firearms to include (1) examples of miltary certificates and Bureau of Customs certificates approved by World War II theater commanders, some of which are based on various War Department Circulars which allowed soldiers to bring or send machine guns back to the United States, (2) copies of all War Department Circulars that contain published regulations for bringing or sending War Trophy items back to the United States, and (3) documents regarding War Trophy firearms copied from National Archives II in College Park, Maryland, in December 2008, which bring to light important information about how War Trophy firearm issues evolved, which may not be available elsewhere. Importantly, these materials refute an ATF letter dated August 24, 2004 (click here to read it) in which Lewis P. Raden, Assistant Director, Enforcement Programs and Services, stating that such documents do not constitute "evidence of lawful possession and registration" of War Trophy firearms that were brought or sent back to the United States under regulations and procedures in effect at the time.

Instead of posting something on an Internet board, use that energy to express concerns to your Congressional representatives. Please take a moment to contact your Representative and Senators, and ask them to support H.R. 420 and the requested investigation of ATF's administration of the War Trophy and DEWAT programs. Go to to find out how to contact your Congressional representatives, then call them and introduce yourself and ask to speak to the staff person in charge of ATF matters. When you talk with that staff person, let him or her know you are FAXing a letter, following it up with a hard copy via U.S. mail, and that you'll call again in a few days to make sure the FAXed letter was received.

It would be easy for NFAOA to post a model letter, but experience has shown that Congressional offices are quick to sense a "form" letter which makes your expression of concern less believable. Please take the time to write a letter in your own words, saying exactly what you mean to say, even if you have to write it out by hand. Then do it.

For those of you who are new to the NFAOA web site, please take a moment to look around. There is a "Forum" section where immediate concerns can be posted, with a feedback mechanism. There is also a "Resources" section that contains PDF files of hard-to-locate public documents (such as court cases and letters by public officials) and Government documents (Congressional testimonies and statements, historic hearing records, Public Laws and published Regulations involving the NFA, and so forth.

Please take the time to inform yourself about the issues, participate in the political process, and make a difference at a time when the NFA and NFRTR has a good chance of being sensibly reformed. Don't sit back and assume that others can do this without your help; the more help you give, the stronger the case for reform can made, and the faster H.R. 420 will be reported out of committee for a vote.

Thank you.

 Lou Dobb's on David Olofson

Lou Dobbs' reports on CNN brings ATF's firearms testing inconsistencies into mainstream media

The recent felony conviction of David R. Olofson of Berlin, Wisconsin, on federal charges of unlawfully transferring (but not possessing) a machine gun, after a semi-automatic AR-15 rifle he lent to a prospective member of the Wisconsin National Guard malfunctioned at a public firing range by firing a two-shot burst and jamming has brought ATF's firearms testing inconsistencies into mainstream media. Local law enforcement at the range referred the case and the rifle to ATF, which tested the rifle and determined it was not a machine gun. However, the ATF Special Agent assigned to the case requested a re-test using "soft primer" ammunition; the malfunction repeated; and the Assistant United States Attorney prosecuted Mr. Olofson on the grounds that a malfunction is not a defense. The jury convicted Mr. Olofson, and the case is being appealed on the grounds that ATF withheld exclupatory information, and for other reasons that will soon be addressed by the trial court.

The National Firearms Owners Association (NFAOA) is committed to following the coverage of this important development, and now brings to readers the CNN links to two reports by Lou Dobbs on March 13-14, 2008, noting that Mr. Dobbs has pledged to get additional information about the case from ATF, as well as the reactions of the Wisconsin delegation --- and what the latter intend to do about what Mr. Dobbs characterizes as a case that should never have been prosecuted in the first place.

Accordingly, NFAOA has established a new section on the "Resources" page that is devoted to Lou Dobbs Tonight reports, and will be updated as it becomes appropriate to release additional information, such as the transcripts from Mr. Olofson's trial. Such documents will be posted in this new section, and perhaps other sections of the "Resources" page.